Nairobi, Kenya

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Behind the Music of Mutoriah


Music has been an integral part of Mutoriah’s life. He got his first keyboard when he was a year old and was taught and mentored by his father Mwaura Njoroge. By the tender age of four, Mutoriah was playing exceptionally in the Sunday service at church. At the age of nine, the artistic young boy was already writing and composing his own songs. Intuition and innovation being his second nature, Mutoriah figured out how to record and overdub the songs on his father’s computer. In secondary school Mutoriah was producing songs for his fellow schoolmates.

After secondary school in 2014, Mutoriah joined Sauti Academy, a well-renowned Music school that develops Singing and Performing talent. It is while at Sauti Academy that Mutoriah started playing in a live-band set up as a keyboardist. He displayed his virtuoso piano playing skills and through this platform has worked with over 200 artists. This has been both adventurous and an opportunity for Mutoriah to grow and, in the long run, has helped him become a remarkable Musician.

Currently, Mutoriah is the official keyboardist of Sauti Sol. Through this platform Mutoriah has met with Popular Musicians in and around Africa, while performing in different countries such as Nigeria, DR of Congo, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Tanzania. on different platforms both in local gigs such as ‘Social Thrift’, ‘Koroga’, ‘Diani Beach Festival’, ‘Blankets and Wine’ and international gigs like Lake of the Stars.

Mutoriah was part of the Sauti Sol,  Melanin World Tour that took them around the world, to places like; Amsterdam(Belgium); Melbourne, Perth and Sydney(Australia);Cologne, Berlin(Germany); Copenhagen(Denmark); Paris(France); Helinsky(Finland); Dubai and Qatar where he got to have a feel of different social and musical cultures, giving him more ……. In the industry.

In 2015, Mutoriah together with enthusiastic and skilled instrumentalists  formed ‘Tha Movement’; a revolutionary music band that would be able to experience and understand the aesthetics of Music and relay it to the audience. ‘Tha Movement’  has gone on to play for local and international artistes such as Jimwat, Dela, Steph Kapela, Stella Mwangi (Norwegian-based) and Alicios(Congo). They have also performed in local popular gigs in Nairobi such as, Africa Nouveau, Festival of Love, Cake Art Festival, Doadoa festival(Uganda).

Mutoriah’s  journey as a producer in the mainstream industry began in 2016 when he worked as a Main producer at Calif Records. Over the years, he has also worked with Sub-Sahara Records, Johari Cleff, Pacho Ent, Redfourth, Dillie and Blinky Bill as a Session Musician.

He participated in the ‘#imadekenyachallenge’; a challenge among Kenyan producers to produce tracks and remake local songs. His original ‘Maasai Soul Trap’ track went viral and as a result, he was invited to Coke Studio, as a producer.

Mutoriah is also a Music Director and has arranged music for artists such Serro, Swiga and Ayrosh.

He also worked with Safaricom, in their 2018 Safaricom Twaweza Live music concerts around the country as the assistant Music Director.

In 2017, Mutoriah together with DJ 10 Tonnes, started the record label ‘Me & My Cousin’; an indie record label that is driven and inspired by making Timeless Music that is both conscious Music and remains entertaining and soulful to the audience. They have worked with fast rising artists like Serro, Ayrosh Wamvii, Njerae, releasing songs such as Okello, Maheni, Java Love, Pressure,and many others.

Mutoriah has produced the hit songs ‘Lucy’ and ‘Favourite Song’ by Bensoul

He has also co-produced the hit song Rewind by Sauti Sol.